WARNING This is a classic example of what is called “digital marketing”. This Turkish company is trying to appear a local Samui business, links to their facebook pages and websites are below. It has photos of ARKbar as the Full moon Party, Koh Nang Yuan as Koh Samui, many generic beach photos as Koh Samui and no contact details or office in Samui or Thailand. If you could be bothered looking, you will find a multitude of errors and deceit. Be carefull who you trust and deal with… http://www.holidayinsamui.com/…/holiday-in-koh-samui-paradi… https://www.facebook.com/World.Travel.Service.WTS/ https://www.facebook.com/kohsamuisland/ http://www.holidayinsamui.com/ http://www.wts.com.tr/English/indexHot.html http://www.wts.com.tr/English/hot-honeymoon-koh-samui.html

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