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In a little while I will be travelling to one of my favourite countries – Italy!

Italy is the perfect holiday destination for me – historic sites, delicious food, beautiful scenes, lovely weather, quaint towns, and lots of art!

The reason for my trip to Florence (Firenze) is art! We will be visiting many historical, architectural and artistic sites in and around Florence. I should get a lot of beautiful pictures and some art done which I can post up when I get back.

After a look at the plan and a few searches on Google Maps, I CANNOT WAIT! All the things I will be seeing are so beautiful, I don’t know if I will be able to capture it in my drawings!

Here are some pictures of the places I will be going:
20140629-042405 pm-59045403.jpg

20140629-042405 pm-59045252.jpg

20140629-042405 pm-59045063.jpg

20140629-042404 pm-59044838.jpg

20140629-042405 pm-59045802.jpg

20140629-042405 pm-59045696.jpg

20140629-042405 pm-59045613.jpg

20140629-042405 pm-59045514.jpg

20140629-042406 pm-59046132.jpg

20140629-042404 pm-59044004.jpg

20140629-042407 pm-59047797.jpg

20140629-042407 pm-59047322.jpg

20140629-042408 pm-59048477.jpg

20140629-042406 pm-59046433.jpg

I don’t really own any summery clothes just yet so in preparation for the trip…

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