Travel – Wine tasting in Queenstown, New Zealand


Turns out wine tasting is super fun, especially if you go with awesome friends in the most beautiful gorge in the universe.

However I got smashed pretty quickly and am not very good at telling the difference between different wines (apart from “this one is red” and “this one is white”). It turns out I am the slack-jawed yokel of wine tasting.

It was also especially great because we didn’t have to book or take a tour or anything, we just got a map of the different vineyards in the Kawerau gorge, between Queenstown and Cromwell, and rocked up at different wineries and drank free or very cheap wine and ate cheese. Thanks to our sober driver Richard we did not drive off the road either (it was of course often a one-lane gravel road with a hill on one side and a sheer cliff face on the other).


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