Today’s letters: The summer side of Canadian life

National Post | Full Comment

National Post readers answer the question: “What is the best place in Canada to visit this summer and why?”

Music by the beach

  • Aside from our own backyard on Newport Marina in Stoney Creek, the best places to visit in Canada this summer are Toronto’s Harbour and Beaches area. You can drop anchor in the bay or attend the Jazz Festival to take in some great music. The restaurants there have excellent choices of food and wine. Enjoy the sandy beaches and walk the boardwalk and trails for miles. When you feel like a break, stop and watch local athletes compete in vigorous volleyball matches. Later on, pull the anchor and sail into the sunset.
    Madeleine Wannop Ross Salter, Stoney Creek, Ont.

Ride the rail

  • For a truly inspiring Canadian visit, book a trip on one of our railways — C.N. or C.P.— with stopovers at railway hotels if time…

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