The High Cost of Happiness


Happiest place on earth (and it's not Disneyland) Happiest place on earth (and it’s not Disneyland)

Behind the snow-capped mountains lies a country steeped in culture and contentment. In present day the people of Bhutan still protect their way of life all the while embracing the challenges modern technology bring. This week’s celebration of Earth Day fueled a long-standing interest in a country that seemingly effortlessly thrives on happiness and nature.

In 2012 the UN Climate Change Conference was held in Doha where leaders the world over asked a simple question: How does the happiest country on the planet keep up environmental and economic sufficiency?

Bhutan holds more than 800,000 residents and, on average, 7,000 tourists yearly. This little known country has intentionally kept to itself, but for the past decade or two they’ve begun to emerge from their self-imposed seclusion to share their wisdom with the world. Finding a balance between traveling to other countries and learning…

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