A Hundred Sunsets

Project Suitcase

“Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

IMG_2982Singapore skyline – skyscrapers and high-rise apartments.

IMG_3951Sunset in Malapascua, Philippines, after a day of scuba diving.

IMG_1415Sunset from above 3000m on Gunung Rinjani 

IMG_9034Iconic Leipzig backdrop


Finnish sunset at 3pm


Finnish sunset after a rainy autumn day

IMG_4274Sunset in Bali on temple grounds

IMG_1427Midway between moon and sun, view out of our tent as we settle in for the night.

20130908_181750Sentosa in Singapore, after a day of beach volleyball in the sun.

IMG_1114Sun goes down in the heartlands of Singapore

Big glowing sun at Helsinki Vantaa Airport

IMG_0218The Italian sunset in Sorrento

IMG_0029Sunset and cables.

IMG_9999Dubrovnik, sunset, mountains, sea, and a glass of wine.

IMG_2273Darkness ensues around us after sunset in the camping grounds of Tamadaba, Gran Canaria.

IMG_2062Auringonlasku in Jyväskylä.

IMG_1890Watching the sun go down at 2pm in the city center, Jyväskylä

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