24 hours as a traveler

The Wayfarer's Path: Asia by road and rail.

This is my first backpacking trip and will soon be Seb’s longest to date. Before leaving Paris, I would regularly try to project myself into a “typical day” on the road. Would it be riding a bus all day? Exploring mountains by foot? Relaxing in a cozy café? Playing cards with locals? Turns out, there is no “typical day”.

One of the joys of traveling is that every single day is different. The nature of traveling means changing your perspective, your scope, and your routine by geographically changing location regularly (if not every day). It’s exciting, intriguing and sometimes really tiring.

But in an attempt to describe for other curious souls or soon-to-be-backpackers, I decided to document a full day, chosen at random, as an example of 24 hours on our travel planet.

April 6th, 2014

Luang Prabang, Laos

5:30 – iPhone alarm goes (yep, we set an alarm even…

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