The Masked Men of Siam

Healing Pilgrim

IMG_0081 You’d never believe that this bustling nation is under siege – by what looks like a roving gang of bandits in Bangkok. Sure there are women among them, but the hidden faces of the men (though certainly there are lady-boys among them) have been that m IMG_0161 uch more… visible .

They are a growing breed, these shrouded types: Taxi and tuk-tuk drivers, bus drivers, policemen, traffic cops, newspaper deliverymen, pizza deliverymen, hawkers, laborers, even the corporate white-shirts (complete with shoulder bag and dangling name tag) are everywhere sporting face masks.

Flimsy things, made of IMG_0091paper-thin cotton, purchased for pennies at the market, endowing the wearer with mistaken belief that they are safe from harm. Other cover-ups, thick layers of rubberized neoprene or full-face balaklavas made of synthetic materials, stick to nearIMG_0104ly molten skin, causing uber-perspiration (let alone creeping suffocation) in temperatures soaring towards 100°.

False illusions spread like wildfire…

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