In Tuscany, A Traveler’s Dream Day (Part 1)

Take |Ya |There

FOR TRAVELERS AND VACATIONERS there’s a wide range of different ways available to describe a truly, great travel day.

Some dream of doing nothing and others dream of doing everything.

Yes, some dream of a day of utter nothingness, a day in which there is absolutely no stress, no movement, no effort, no…nothing. Imagine if you can, a no-fuss tropical resort, set on a perfect sandy beach with palm trees gently swaying in the breeze. This is the setting for a truly great vacation day. If we continue with the image, you can imagine yourself sprawled face down on a lounge chair, on this very beach, while three gorgeous women of varying ethnic backgrounds, gently (but not too gently) rub, tickle, and massage away at your tired flesh. Intermittently, a fourth beauty approaches to place a freshly made tropical drink by your side and see if you will be needing…

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