Always Follow Your Dreams


5815_248503505857_7178904_n Scuba Diving with the turtle, Koh Tao, Thailand

Words can’t express how proud I am of my brother and former travel leader, Ammon.  In just 34 short years he has accomplished more than most do in a lifetime. As a small child Ammon could read before most could even count. Wow, right? But no. Being born with such talents and gifts can also be a burden. Because Ammon was quickly boosted ahead in his school, he was often bullied for being the youngest and smartest. Despite the struggles he faced, having to put up with verbal and physical abuse from his peers, he blocked them out and continued to succeed. By the ripe age of 15 he worked full-time as a chef, capable of running his uncle’s restaurant.  Age 18 he graduated from correspondence high school and went on to study bio-chemistry for 7 solid years with a full scholarship…

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