Wat Arun – Don’t look down!

Globetrot Cat

I really should have been to Bangkok much earlier than I did, what with it being one of the most popular cities closest to home and all, but I always had a bad habit of prioritising faraway destinations first 😉 So when my friends started planning their annual Bangkok trip this year, I decided to tag along too!

Bangkok Streets

The only image I had of Bangkok so far was of its chaotic, seedy, streets, much like those in Hangover 2, and well… the place we stayed at fit the description pretty well. 😛 The street our hotel was located on was in a very “local” area of the city, where nary a foreigner was spotted, and the people barely spoke any English.

Bangkok Streets

Food was also pleasantly cheap; you could easily get lunch for 50 baht or less. And soft drinks come in these old-school glass bottles, which you pour into these…

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