Perito Merino Glaciar

leedys little notes

This Glaciar is the reason tourists visit El Calafate. The landscape and scenery here is beautiful but the Glaciar is amazing!
We joined a day tour with a guide who drove the scenic rout, pointing out flora and fauna (hawks hunting giant hares across the plains) as we drove along the old gravel road.
The Glaciar is inside the Parque Nacional Los Galciares (National park).

We got so many photos from so many different angles. The Glaciar is 5km wide and roughly 60-70 meters high, above the water. It covers the same square meters as Buenos Aires city!

We were lucky enough to see a few shards crack free and fall to the water. It sounds like thunder when a part of the ice cracks.
We also jumped into a boat which took us 300 meters away from the Glaciar face.
It was so windy and cold.
We met someā€¦

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